Simon & Kim's Tunnels Beaches Wedding


Simon & Kim’s Tunnels Beaches Wedding

Kim and Simon were one of those couples who booked us to shoot their Tunnels Beaches wedding then seemingly disappeared, we barely heard from them – so when the wedding came around we were looking forward to getting to know them a bit better. One of the cool things about couples we don’t hear from often like Kim and Simon (and those we do, i’m sure) is that apparent total trust they placed in us, they loved our work, knew we’d do a great job so once booked, we didn’t hear much until the wedding. Even when Mike did the pre-wedding call we were amazed with the full artistic licence granted by Kim and Simon – awesome.

For our first time ‘back in the saddle’ of wedding photography post-marriage and honeymoon, it was absolutely perfect.

Tunnels is a very popular wedding venue, very popular, so as a Tunnels Beaches wedding photographer its hard to do something which hasn’t done before, in fact I believe I was once challenged by one of the owners to come up with something new, I think we did with Mike’s silhouette shot at the end of the blog, I like to think so anyway.

Kim and Simon’s wedding was definitely one of those weddings which didn’t feel like work at all, and we loved how easy going they were, up for all of our crazy ideas… one of which almost went a bit wrong! After the BBQ style wedding breakfast Mike and I ventured down through the tunnel to see what our options for portraits were, we’d already had a bit of an epic portrait session during the drinks reception – which Kim and Simon totally aced by the way – but as there was a bit of time to play with we thought we’d see if anything was calling out to us. We spotted a great spot with a mirror-like reflection just as the tide was coming in, so up we went, asked the new Mr & Mrs if they were up for a little adventure and for sure they were, but by the time we got down there the tide was in just that bit more and we very nearly ended up with a wet bride and groom – I was biting my lip but Kim and Simon were cool as anything as they made their way across. We didn’t quite make it to the spot we had it mind as it was totally submerged but what we did get was totally worth it, see for yourself!

Mike was pretty impressed with Simon’s playlist of the wedding and they seemed to have a few things in common, a (slightly geeky? Kim and I both agreed on this one) love of certain films and a love of music, not so geeky but quite specific…

Other notable things – Kim’s shoes – Emmy shoes, say no more on that one!

Kim and Simon’s love story is a long one, and it was beautiful to document a couple so at ease with each other you can see how they’ve grown in life together. We’re really really glad we were there to document Kim and Simon’s wedding, quite rightfully up there with some of our most favourite days. One of the stand-out things about Kim and Simon’s wedding for me was that they kept ‘escaping’ together on several occasions throughout the day just to spend a few moments alone and take it all in. We thought this was pretty awesome as it doesn’t happen often and the day does go past so quickly. We recently received the nicest words from Simon on our Facebook page which we’d like to share:

Some of the most astonishing and beautiful photographs I have ever seen taken, and they are of my own wedding. Even the most conservative people I know have let out a gasp at the beauty when I’ve shown them some of my favourite shots. These guys are so relaxed and accommodating, they are a genuine joy to be around and that before they even take a shot. My advice to anyone who would care to read it would be to listen to them. They know what they are doing. I feel like, in the decades to come, I will be telling people admiring their work on a global stage that “they did my wedding!!” And if that’s not the case (it will be) then I will still have a collection of the most stunning photos I have ever seen. Thank you guys x

And now, here are some of our favourites – apologies as there are many…

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