Oh my gosh you know to make a couple feel all the feels!! They are so wonderful!! Thanks so much! We love them! They are IN-CRED-IBLE!! You are amazing, thank you so much!

Helen & Matt, The Ash Barton Estate

We just watched the slideshow and SOBBED! We are beyond lucky to have had you there to capture moments we had no idea were captured. Its unbelievable, we’ve watched it about 8 times in the last hour. Everyone looks so happy. You guys are stars, thanks so much! You’re angels that documented our day in a way we could only have dreamed, they’re absolutely unfathomable. I cannot believe the moments we forgot/didn’t see that we now have!

Kathryn & Tom, The Ash Barton Estate

Just watched the slideshow, you should have warned me that I’d need tissues!!
The photos are amazing, thank you so much.

Jemma & Joe, Two Bridges Hotel

Wow! These pictures are amazing! Thanks so much… didn’t believe I could ever love a picture featuring me!
Thanks again for doing such a great job and making it so easy.

Susie & Hugh, Beaconside

AHHHHHHHHH we LOVE them!! You are magicians, you’ve not only managed to make us look amazing but captured the atmosphere & emotions, we honestly felt like we were reliving our wedding day!

Thank you so, so much, we knew they’d be incredible & they’re even better than we imagined.

I can’t tell you enough how much we love them. I constantly find myself scrolling through, and I’m not even close to being bored of them. Our friends and family love them, they’re absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t be happier!

 I wish I’d worried less about the weather and just been confident you’d get great pictures whatever the weather.


Love love love all the pictures so much we can’t thank you enough


Absolutely fan-bloody-tastic, we both love them.

More more more!!!!

Can’t stop watching them.You guys are the best. I knew you would be and Anna thinks so too.

Worth every penny.


Jacob and I wanted to say thank you incredibly much for the stunning job you did on our wedding photos. They really are beautiful and we will treasure them forever. Everyone has been so complimentary – we really hope it leads to more work for Luna! Not to mention, you are two of the loveliest people! You put us at ease from the start and it was a pleasure to have you there. Love Jess & Jacob

Jess & Jacob, The Kingston Estate

I have to say I am amazed. I still can’t believe it is actually our wedding in the photos every single one of them is just stunning. The moments that both of you have managed to capture bring a tear to my eye every single time I watch it which by the way I can’t stop doing! The day goes so so fast and becomes a bit of a blur through the nervousness, anticipation and excitement so bits of the day get missed. However watching the slideshow and looking through the photos allows us to see everything that was missed and truly re-live every moment. I cannot thank you both enough!

Anna you put me at ease instantly and didn’t even notice you snapping away in amongst all the hustle bustle of 6 women getting ready. Also Mike thank you for capturing some amazing photos of Sam and the groomsmen getting ready especially the children. At first Sam wasn’t keen on having someone there whilst they have their lad banter getting ready and with military men it was always going to be full of it but you fitted into it all perfectly and really allowed me to have a giggle at how their morning un-folded so thank-you!

Everyone who has seen the slideshow in the family and who was there cannot stop talking about it and I’ve received nothing but praise about how professional you were and how to be honest they didn’t even notice you were there which is just what you want.

All in all on the day and since you haven’t felt like just the wedding photographers but more friends that just happened to take amazing photos of my wedding and that I feel is something that is priceless.

Jodi & Sam, Exeter Golf & Country Club

Words aren’t enough, they are amazing, we all cried a bit, Thomas watched the whole thing- each of the 3 times we watched it(!)- he looks beautiful! The venue looks completely amazing, you are worth your weight and such treasures on the day itself, I loved some of the sneaky pictures we had no idea about or had forgotten! I especially loved the car breastfeeding family picture, so beautiful!

I could go on for a while here…!

They are amazing, you guys are so smooth at what you do, I’d recommend you in a heartbeat, we loved them xxx


We’ve watched that on repeat for the past 40 minutes, i’m not even kidding. I can’t stop crying, Ross keeps swearing ‘tell Anna and Mike they are ******* amazing, ******* AMAZING!! I’m not sure thats a tagline you can use on your website, but I think its a unanimous decision from our friends and family that you are both indeed, ******* amazing. To say you exceeded our expectations would be an understatement, you took our breath away with that slideshow. You didn’t just make us look good, you were the eyes pf the day, there are some truly precious moments there we were both completely unaware of, some moments which reduce me to tears just thinking of them and moments we had forgotten and are now reminded of with giant smiles on our faces. We honestly can’t thank you enough. We’re both still so blown away! My phone is buzzing with messages from friends and family asking where I found you, why are you so bloody good, whats your secret, are you magic and can you follow us around taking photos and making us look fabulous all the time! I’m not sure if i’ve said it enough but THANK YOU!!

Jen & Ross, Shilstone House

We were really nervous about our wedding photography because we are both pretty awkward and donʼt like our pictures being taken. We almost settled on not having the day captured at all! A friend recommended Anna and Mike to us, and as soon as we saw their work we could tell we had to book them for the day! Our date in June was the only weekend they had left so we wasted no time getting them booked!

Having Anna and Mike there on the day was a pleasure, everyone felt so comfortable around them and they were so patient with us all! The feedback from everyone was amazing, especially from our nephew Theo who spent the rest of the weekend looking for Mike to play hide seek with!

Watching the slide show for the first time was emotional! Having the mix of the most beautiful pictures we could have imagined with our favourite music brought the feelings from day back to us. The pictures are truly beautiful and captured the atmosphere in a way I didnʼt even think was possible. I loved being able to see all of the little moments that I missed on the day, all the moments that we didnʼt even know were being captured, and having them forever is so special.


Luna Weddings were a personal recommendation so we were confident that they would be great as we had seen some of their work! But even with that
knowledge we got a lot more than we had hoped for…

When we first met them at our engagement shoot (Which by the way – how cool to have a pre wedding test!!) we felt like we met people that we had known for years… whilst normally totally uncomfortable behind the camera they reassured us and snapped away even letting our favourite four legged friend come along (who obviously stole the show!) and produced some great shots – making us EVEN more confident that they were the ones for us! :) On the big day they brought with them calm and serenity! Seamlessly working behind the action capturing every moment in pictures that exceeded all our expectations! They added a huge amount to the day feeling more like guests than our photographers! And the photos… the photos!! They are amazing!!

Months on not only do I pour over our album for hours, I have the slideshow playing constantly… they perfectly sum up the day and I actually look good in
them (who knew!!).

We were disappointed when it was all over that we couldn’t speak to these guys so often as they were such fun! I still message Anna regularly just to say thank you again (and again!)! I couldn’t recommend them more (and in fact I do recommend them at every opportunity!). Thank you Anna and Mike you rock!!


Some of the most astonishing and beautiful photographs I have ever seen taken, and they are of my own wedding. Even the most conservative people I know have let out a gasp at the beauty when I’ve shown them some of my favorite shots. These guys are so relaxed and accommodating, they are a genuine joy to be around and that before they even take a shot. My advice to anyone who would care to read it would be to listen to them. They know what they are doing. I feel like, in the decades to come, I will be telling people admiring their work on a global stage that “they did my wedding!!” And If that’s not the case (it will be) then I will still have a collection of the most stunning photos I have ever seen. Thank you guys x

Simon & Kim, Tunnels Beaches

We still can’t stop looking at them! Simon and I have been amazed at how our emotions come flooding back when looking at the photos but that shows how fantastically you and Mike captured the day.

We are well and truly over the moon with everything you have done for us and will certainly be recommending you to our family and friends.

Lisa & Simon, Bovey Castle

What can we say…

Utterly speechless…

Watched it twice… Cried twice…

Thank you both soooooooo much! We cannot put into words how grateful we are to have such talented photographers capture our wedding! You honestly are out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t think it’s sunk in yet just how amazing they all are!! They are truly special, We are sooo over the moon I could kiss you both!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!


Ok so I’m crying, partly from laughing, partly from happiness – all I can say is that we know how to pick awesome photographers!

I can’t express how much this means to us, thank you for making the memories of the day so wonderful.

Stuart & Rupesh, Huntsham Court

Wow! These pictures are amazing! Thanks so much, I didn’t think I could ever love a picture featuring me! Thanks for doing such a great job and making it so easy.

Susie & Hugh, Beaconside House