Nicola & Steve's Fentafriddle Wedding Photography


Nicola & Steve’s Fentafriddle Wedding Photography

Fentafriddle was a new venue to me, not too far from Trevenna and with similarities of Cornish charm, but with the added bonus of sea views!

When Nicola and I first spoke, we were on the phone for quite a long time, and for a lot of that conversation we were talking about cake… which is never a bad thing! Nicola is a dancer, and Steve is a classical musician, so together they make quite the artistic duo and I knew their wedding would be a classy affair. We met up at Fentafriddle a few days before the wedding fot a chat and to get to know each other a little bit, and talked a little bit more about cake….

On the day, the weather looked like it could go either way, with the possibilty of some of that dramatic exposed Cornish weather, or sunshine… what was it to be? It ended up being both! We were fortunate to get down to the little beach nearby for some photos with a dramatic background and Nicola’s veil blowing – perfect! As expected from a dancer, the first dance was brilliant and I was very touched at the end of the night when Nicola handed me a littl thank-you parcel – containing the most awesome brownies I had ever had… with a two hour drive home, the sugar was very much appreciated, and because i’m nice I even saved one for Mike :) Enjoy the photos.