Bridwell Park Wedding Photography


Bridwell Park Wedding Photography

When we had received an enquiry last year for 2 days of Bridwell Park wedding photography we were ultra excited to learn more, and delighted when we got booked to be there!

The bride and groom have asked to remain anonymous for this blog post, but have kindly agreed for us to share the images, and we’re so excited to do so – it was such a vibrant wedding packed full of emotion and attention to detail.

The first day was a Hindu-inspired wedding, brought together with the passion and planning of the very enthusiastic and organised-to-a-T bride, I’m fairly sure the groom had SOME part to play, although i’m not sure… We were thrilled to work alongside the hilarious whirlwind of energy that is Royce – who was a superstar throughout, whether flowers need arranging, lipstick needed topping up or a new DJ needed finding (yes, this happened!) Royce was quite simply a superstar and made the days runnings a lot less stressful for our bride (and groom!).

Personal highlights for us were two total surprises for the bride – who couldn’t quite believe anything had got past her! The groom singing a song he’d written created a whole lot of emotion, and the flash-mob – all participants learned from youtube! It was an overwhelming moment for the bride and groom seeing all their guests get up and start dancing in sync and a wonderful ending to a perfect day.

I’m going to let the images tell the story here, as that’s the flow we tend to go with – we are story-tellers after all, and these stories don’t need words – so lets go.

Before I disappear – here are some words from the bride and groom:

We are speechless! We love them SO much…we watched it twice and then had to pause it at each photo! We can’t stop watching it!!

‘Thank you both so much. Thank you for capturing so many amazing moments, for being in the right place at the right time and for creating the most beautiful set of photos. We’re just so happy :) :) The photos have triggered memories that we’d forgotten and things that were said between us, even though it was only a month ago!

We can’t say thank you enough, they really are just so so special :)

Very happy and teary’

What more can be said than that?

Enjoy the photos!

Bridwell House Wedding Photography

Beautiful Bridwell Park Wedding Photography brought to you by Luna Weddings of Devonshire. Devonshire inhabitants we may be, but travel the world we do. Why am I speaking like Yoda? I don’t know, maybe Google likes that. We all like a happy Google.


  • Joe says:

    You capture the colour of the day so well!

  • Amy says:

    Just beautiful.x

  • Helen Bartlett says:

    You’ve nailed it again Anna & Mike. The vivid colours and energy that come across in your photos is palpable. I’m unsurprised that the customers were so overjoyed.

  • Spinks says:

    What an amazingly colourful wedding. SUPER talented photographers, every picture is stunning!

  • Nikos says:

    This is brilliant! You guys are amazing! I love your work!

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