Will & Nina’s Bovey Castle Wedding Photography

Will & Nina’s Bovey Castle Wedding Photography

We are recommended for Bovey Castle wedding photography, which means we’re fortunate to work there a few times a year. Shooting a diverse mix of weddings from couples all over the world who are travelling to the edge of Dartmoor for their wedding in this grand venue in the most spectacular setting. Bovey is perfect for both large and small weddings, and the team make sure everything runs smoothly – they also do the best afternoon tea ever!

One of my most favourite days to shoot are intimate weddings. There’s something super special about being part of such a personal celebration! I was delighted when Will got in touch about his wedding to Nina. It sounded so intimate and laid back, with focus on their two beautiful children Skye and Maddox.

We love Bovey Castle wedding photography as there are so many possibilities for beautiful story-telling pictures and portraits. Not all of our couples require portrait time, but we usually suggesting trying to allow a little bit of time alone to reflect on the day so far and reconnect – at Bovey this is usually via a fun golf buggy ride! Having this time together on your wedding day is is important and our couples always tell us afterwards they’re glad they took that time – I know we were on our wedding day, it all passes by in such a blur!

Here is a small selection of images to tell the story of Will and Nina’s Bovey Castle wedding photography, we hope you enjoy them. You can see more Bovey Castle wedding photography here. Lisa and Simon’s April wedding had all the seasons in one day!

Huge thanks and much love to Will, Nina, Maddox and Skye – thank you for having us there! Also thanks must go to your guests for making us feel so welcome!

The last image in this post has won several awards including a Fearless award, which was very exciting as I loved it as soon as I took it, such a special detail from the day of Nina and Skye’s dresses and shoes, stepping perfectly in sync.

Anyway. Enjoy! Please get in touch to discuss your day if you like what you see!

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