Great, you’d like to know more about us! Here are a few words about the people behind the cameras. We live in the more rural part of Bishopsteignton on a farm with its own Brewery (true story) with our beautiful little boy Cato who is seven going on seventeen, and our menagerie of four legged friends. Between us we’ve photographed over 600 weddings since Anna started shooting weddings full time in 2007! Keep on scrolling to read our story!


I (Anna) worked in the medical industry as a teenager before my wanderlust kicked in and I decided to go and work in South Africa for a while, a year and much saving later thats just what I did and I had a wonderful time working on a wildlife reserve called Lalibela near Port Elizabeth.. this led to a desire to be a wildlife photographer, ticking two boxes of things I loved, so I came home, emailed a bunch of photographers for work experience and was fortunate enough to gain experience with some local photographers. I shot my first wedding in 2003, a month after I got back from South Africa and thats where the Luna story begins! I never did become a wildlife photographer but I consider myself very lucky to have by chance ended up in the career which has shaped me as a person. I’ve since been fortunate enough to have travelled to the Ecuadorian jungle, the Galapagos Islands and New Zealand, though the list of places we would love to visit goes on. Until 2013 I mostly shot weddings alone then Mike joined up and made team Luna complete, we now always shoot together and inspire each other at every wedding.


Mike and I first met in our teens when we used to socialise in the same group of friends, we had a crush on each other but nothing happened and we went our separate ways. A few years back we caught up on Facebook and after a few minutes catching up we realised that crush was still there and we spoke every day from then on! Mike is a keen snowboarder and lover of the mountains, we got engaged in the alps as thats where we first met up again after all those years. We got married in May 2016 and had a humanist ceremony at home on the farm with a tipi and a whole lot of rainbow coloured ribbons! We had our honeymoon in Iceland and our wedding film was a Devon/Iceland fusion! Our adventure continues!



Things Anna loves: Nature, birdsong, animals, live music, travel, cheesecake, roller coasters, champagne, make-up, fireworks, blankets, aztec everything, road-trips, pens, art-deco, vintage cameras, torches, Fruli beer, perfume, tea…and cats! Not necessarily in that order…

Things Mike loves: Snow, rain, mountains, food, beer, live music, Battlefield, facts (loves ’em) history, coffee, records, Chuck Palahniuk books, Volcom, Devon, his mums roast dinners, Films and cheese.


We’ll probably completely forget all this information is on our website and think you’re psychic if you bring any of it up, so if we look surprised and a bit confused, thats why – just a heads up!

If you want to know more about how we work, the cameras and lenses we use, or anything else, contact us and ask away. If you’ve got this far and you’re not getting married we guess you just like the sound of us, so feel free to say hello anyway, we live by a brewery, you know.

Here’s a photo of us on our wedding day in May 2016 shot by our friend Soniya Zeb.