”A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you’’  –  Bridget Bardot.

Wedding Photographer Devon – a year in review 2014

Well where do I start……? Every year I set out to be better, to work harder, to push myself more, and to try new things. Every year I wonder if next year i’ll still be doing this as a job (well, I’m normally booked a year ahead but the one after that!) and every year I feel humbled and inspired. I feel inspired by friends who are photographers, who encourage and support me, listen to the issues and hang ups I have about my work. I feel inspired by my clients, hearing their stories, getting to know people I would ordinarily never have had the chance to meet, making new friends, but most of all I feel honoured that people picked me to shoot their wedding. You do a search for wedding photographers and it must be intimidating, there are so many, but every year, about 40 couples choose ME to be there, ME to capture their memories. I love that, it makes me swell with pride every time I get that call or email confirming a booking. I never take this lightly, despite being in the industry for around 10 years and shooting about 400, maybe even 500 weddings (I lost count around 200) and being a very experienced wedding photographer now, I still love it, I still get nervous at those crucial moments, I still get emotional during the vows and speeches, I still have to stop my car en route to weddings to check my equipment is in the boot despite checking and double checking before I left. I still have to go through each and every email to remove the superfluois exclamation marks and commas (will no doubt do it for this post too). Every time I deliver finished images I hold my breath and beam from ear to ear when I get the gushing emails, the thank you cards and i’m told I made you cry, This. never. gets. old.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

This year my toddler turned into a little boy with all the questions in the world, he now hugs me properly and gives me fashion advice (sort of) he reminds me every day what is important in life and makes me laugh heartily many, many times a day. I cannot believe he starts school in September, time flies and its so precious – a reminder why what I do is so very important.

Thank you to Mike for everything, I couldn’t possibly even put it all into words but the support he gives me is immense, and he loves me chaos and all, i’m so excited to be shooting full time together this year.

Thank you to Kabz, Karinna and Emma for second shooting with me.

I found it almost impossible to choose my favourites from the year, I wanted to pick about 60. I ended up with over 500, I got it down to about 200, that was the best I could do!

Thank you 2014 and all of you lovely people I met, photographed, laughed with and hope to stay in touch with, thank you SO much for choosing Luna, you rock.

2015, i’m ready for you.



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