Suzy & James' Wedding Photography at the Corn Barn


Suzy & James’ Wedding Photography at the Corn Barn

Ok, well before I begin, I’m going to start by telling you that I cannot do this day – or these people – justice with words. We tried as hard as we could to do them justice with our images, and we hope that we did, because this was truly a great day and i’ve enjoyed picking out the images for this blog immensely. I started off with over 200 images…. yeah.

Anyway. We’d met Suzy and James in Shaldon for a pre-wedding shoot in Shaldon which is the town next to where we live and we’ve never shot there before, so that was cool! Also, we got on with these guys so well and really really enjoyed working with them, both because they are immeasurably lovely (can you measure loveliness? If so, off the charts) and also because they have wonderful chemistry and are so very in love, it almost feels like cheating taking pictures of them, its too easy.

After the shoot we walked away both feeling excited for the day and knowing it was going to be one of those absolutely wonderful days when everyone is so happy for the bride and groom and you’re surrounded by incredible amounts of love and happiness. Well, we were right about that, it really was.

We’ve done some wedding photography at the Corn Barn before, a couple of years back for Charlotte and Chris (I will try to remember to put the link here, if I haven’t, feel free to ask me for it if you’d like to see) and we were looking forward to going back. Those fairy lights are quite special and I personally rather enjoyed them, as you’ll see in the images.

Suzy and James got marred at the end of October during a ‘weather bomb’ it was incredibly windy, really quite cold and probably a lot of people didn’t go out that day. When Suzy asked if we could go outside for some photos we loved her just that little bit more, and it was so worth it, even for that little break for the newlyweds to catch up and have a breather – so important!

I feel like if we put the love and happiness to the side for a moment, that the overriding theme of the day was Devon vs Cornwall… am I right? With jam and cream scones, (or is it cream and jam) a little flag and a tally chart to see which is ACTUALLY better (for the record – Devon, we’re with you on this Suzy) I feel this was a serious competition. Somehow, apparently Cornwall won, and sorry James, I’m not buying it, we kept an eye on the scores… just sayin’. With loads of thoughtful touches throughout the day and one of the friendliest wedding parties of the year (AS WELL as one of our favourite video pals Ben Foster) we couldn’t have had a better day. Take a look through the images and hopefully they’ll tell the story better than my words do.

Here are some words from Suzy and James.

So… (no prizes for this one it must be a tad predictable by now)I cried, and cried, and cried a few more happy tears over these!! LOVE THEM. 

Looking back at the photos it just looks such fun doesn’t it? (As it was) but you perhaps forget JUST HOW much fun it was until you’ve seen these and you are reminded all over again that it was just the most incredible day of our lives, filled with laughter, tears, dancing, cheering, drinking, eating, catching up with friends & family ….  etc!! 

You have managed to capture our day so perfectly, from the endless emotions so visible to the little moments that pass between people.. thank you. 

I adore the outside shots and I’m so glad we managed it. “weather bomb” or not I was determined to get out there…and you guys were wonderfully game for it and and wow were they worth it!! 

You were a pleasure to have around on the day, you felt like friends. I was so hesitant about how I would cope with sharing private moments but I honestly forgot about the cameras at times and just enjoyed your company when we interacted. We had such fun with you and felt we could be ourselves and be relaxed…I think that shows in these amazing photos! 

I hope you have a great rest of the year, thank you again. 

Suzy & James 



We hope you enjoyed Suzy & James’ wedding photography at the Corn Barn, and we love shooting weddings in Devon, and indeed, weddings all over the world. If you’d like to talk to us about your wedding, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


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