Mark & Daryl's Huntsham Court Wedding


Mark & Daryl’s Huntsham Court Wedding

We spent a lot of time at Huntsham Court this year, its probably our most visited venue, and we’re grateful for that as we always feel so welcome. As well as this, Huntsham seems to attract some of the very best of human kind! Mark and Daryl were no exception. Mark contacted us about his mid-week wedding to Daryl in the middle of the Summer, no real information was given, everything seemed super relaxed, Mark booked and we heard no further until the wedding! Mark and Daryl were SO relaxed they forgot to tell us anything about the day! They just booked, and assumed we’d turn up and do our thing – pretty awesome huh?

So we arrived at Huntsham knowing only timings, and that everything was really relaxed, from the moment we arrived we knew it was going to be a good day. A real family wedding, with friends coming in on that family vibe, culminating in a day filled with love and happiness, quite possibly one of the most relaxed weddings we photographed this year!

Rua the Boxer dog was a very big part of the day, having grown up with Boxers, I (Anna) was immediately taken with her, we were advised that plenty of pictures of Rua would be no bad thing – as you’ll see, that wasn’t a problem for us! Mark and Daryl were a little camera shy and preferred us to focus on the feel of the day and their friends and family than to concentrate too much on them, so there was no preparation to photograph, and no first dance or really any portraits. The beauty of our job is the diversity of our couples and we’re always happy to adapt how we work to suit, so when we’re pretty much given free documentary reign we’re happy photographers!

Here is a small selection from Mark and Daryl’s day.


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