Kate & Danny's Tunnels Beaches Wedding Photography


Kate & Danny’s Tunnels Beaches Wedding Photography

At the end of August we were back at probably the most popular wedding venue in the UK – Tunnels Beaches, for Kate & Danny’s wedding. Having met Kate and Danny for a pre-wedding shoot, we knew what to expect and that this cool laid back pair would be terrific to work with – we weren’t wrong!

Highlights were Ava, Kate and Danny’s adorable little girl, you could say she quite enjoyed the attention – a tiny bit! The surprise steel band (which worked SO well at Tunnels!) and Danny’s 4-best-man-anilhilation in the speeches, I think Danny (or is it Daniel?) knew what he was letting himself in for, and hearing all 4 best men’s stories – we saw a different Danny totally to the one we thought we knew – we thought we knew you Danny! How do we even know if you’re Danny or Daniel?! The general vibe of the day was super relaxed and as we often do, we felt very much like friends all day.

Kate and Danny weren’t super into ‘portraits’ of the two of them, so on a couple of occasions we took a bit of time out for a walk and a chat about rubbish, resulting in some nice laid back images. I managed to break two flashes, immerse my camera in water, and break a trigger, as well as ending up thigh deep in the sea and also ruining my boots which are waterproof, and also this means that water stays in them rather nicely too. Squelchy feet, lovely. All sacrifices made were worth it of course!

When working at a venue as popular as Tunnels beaches, it’s easy to try to be different and look to the work of all the talented photographers (and there have been many) who have worked at Tunnels, but by doing this can remove the focus from what we’re really there for, and our thing has always been documenting emotion and telling the story of the day. Sure we like to throw in a bit of creativity but its never been our thing to push our couples into anything they aren’t into – it’s their wedding after all. We’re always trying to strike that balance between documenting the day with our own creativity, staying true to what we really love, and providing a set of images that will be treasured by our couples – it’s you guys who matter the most. I think Kate and Danny humoured us a little with a few ideas and the balance worked out about right. One of the amazing things about Tunnels beaches is every time we work there, new opportunities present themselves, it really is a super cool venue for all involved, no wonder it’s so popular!

Anyway, enough rambling from me. Here are a selection of favourites from Kate & Danny’s Tunnels Beaches wedding photography.

Oh, also, Kate found us on Instagram, which i’m pretty stoked about as a) I love Instagram! And b) There’s some stunning work on there tagged at Tunnels, so I’m super happy we stood out (competitive? Me? Haha). By the way – if you’d like to follow us on Instagram, we’re frustratingly close to 2,000 followers, all our followers are real people, not bots – so I could buy them (wouldn’t, obviously) but we’d LOVE to reach 2,000 if you’d like to keep up with what we’re up to. Ok, sad beg over…

A few words from Danny:

Awesome day, and you guys were amazing – it was like having two friends there who just happened to be super talented photographers – thanks so much!

Enjoy, much love,


Wanna see more Tunnels Beaches wedding photography? Well why didn’t you say so! Go HERE and check our Simon and Kim’s wedding (it was a real beaut). Bye for now.

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