Jenni & Nick's Bridwell Park Wedding Photography


Jenni & Nick’s Bridwell Park Wedding Photography

Ok, so unapologetically, here is another rather long blogpost with possibly too many words and images, but ahhh, Jenni & Nick, the fondest of memories!

We met Jenni and Nick at Jenni’s parents beautiful house in the countryside a couple of months before the wedding and felt comfortable in their company straight away – which I hope meant they were comfortable in ours, I think it did. We laughed so much walking around, taking photos and getting to know each other a little. We heard all about Jenni and Nick’s meeting in a bar, and how Nick had ‘never had a tequila’ so Jenni insisted she must buy him one. Whether or not Nick had ACTUALLY never had a tequila or not at this point is still a subject of some debate… you’ll see tequila makes an appearance during the speeches as a little nod to how Jenni and Nick met.

Having only been at Bridwell just a few weeks before, we were very comfortable in our surroundings. Bridwell is such a great venue and we can’t wait to go back again soon!

Emotion is our thing, and if you follow our blog and work you’ll see how totally driven we are by documenting emotion and personalities. Well, the emotion at Jenni and Nick’s wedding was plentiful so we were very busy doing what we love. Attending the wedding were quite a lot of rugby players – including Nick – and in the evening we were even more delighted by the impromptu rugby match which MAY have got a little more serious than initially planned… which of course meant there was a whole lot of action for us to get amongst!

We met some fantastic people at Jenni and Nick’s wedding and it really did feel like we were amongst friends, the vibe of the day was just so relaxed and happy, even when emotions were at a high prior to the ceremony, everyone was so excited and happy for Jenni and Nick, we’re really glad we got to be there as photographers.

It’s a funny job, I guess. We book weddings usually 12-18 months in advance and develop a relationship over this time via email/phone calls. We get a feeling of a couple, of their wedding and how we expect things to go, then inevitably as time does move so quickly the wedding comes around and we’re fully immersed into such a personal day, it never fails to humble us. The sad part is saying goodbye and not knowing if we’ll see each other again. Often we see our couples again at weddings they’ve recommended us for – which means the world to us and quite often we get to shoot the weddings of whole groups of friends. Sometimes we meet again with our couples new families, but sometimes due to living in different parts of the world we don’t always get to see each other again. It’s always so lovely to know that we’ve done our job well though and feedback like we got from Jenni and Nick is what drives us and reminds us why we love what we do as much as we do. You can see this here:

‘Dear Anna and Mike,

For once I don’t even know what write!

We are utterly overwhelmed with how wonderful these are, we always knew they would be amazing but this is something else! You’ve captured absolutely everything here and we cannot thank you enough!

As per our wedding day, we have just watched this and been full of smiles, laughter and tears (mainly from me! They were actually rolling down my cheeks!) We feel so grateful to have had two such lovely wonderful people be a part of and capture our day!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you a million times!

We can’t wait to see the rest!

All our love and eternal gratitude

Jenni and Nick aka Mr and Mrs Synnott’

Aaaaand, happy photographers!

Enjoy the images.

Bridwell Park Wedding Photography Bridwell Park Wedding Photography Bridwell Park Wedding Photography Bridwell Park Wedding Photography Bridwell Park Wedding Photography Bridwell Park Wedding Photography Bridwell Park Wedding Photography Bridwell Park Wedding Photography

Thanks for making it this far, that was a lot of images! We hope you enjoyed Jenni and Nick’s Bridwell Park Wedding Photography, you can contact us here to discuss your wedding at Bridwell, or indeed anywhere else! Thanks Jenni and Nick for having us – much love Anna & Mike.

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