Gemma & Pete's Trevenna Wedding Photography


Gemma & Pete’s Trevenna Wedding Photography

What a wedding! We first met Gemma and Pete when they came to visit us at Red Rock Brewery (next to our home). We really hit it off and were delighted when they asked us to shoot their wedding at Trevenna – a venue we know well and enjoy working at immensely.

After a wonderful pre-wedding shoot at Golitha Falls (gorgeous, you must visit!!) at which Gemma and Pete (and adorable little Beau, who you will see in these images!) were an absolute joy to work with, we couldn’t wait for the wedding in July.

Well, July wasn’t the driest month this Summer, but one of the wonderful things about being a documentary wedding photographer is capturing the spirit of a wedding, and a bit of rain does nothing to dampen that, I kinda love shooting wet weddings – good job in the country hey?

Everyone got ready at Trevenna then headed off in various different forms of transport to Pete’s family church. The church has significant meaning to Pete, as his grandparents married there, i’m so happy Gemma and Pete carried on the tradition. After a beautiful ceremony and epic confetti run, we decided to beat the rain and head to a nearby reservoir for some portraits. I’m so very glad we did this, as the rain didn’t stop for the rest of the day and got heavier and heavier!

The speeches were emotional, the dancing was extreme and hugely entertaining, and the rest you can see for yourselves! I’m much better at telling stories with pictures than I am with words!

You might like to hear from Gemma and Pete:

OMG!! we’ve just watched this 5x’s over and I’m still not done. We are so over the moon! These are incredible. You guys are well and truly amazing, I cant thank you both enough. It really was a whirlwind of a day and getting to see these have made the wedding blues a little better.

Guys, the pleasure was all ours, and we’re so glad you chose us to document your day and provide you (and us!) with a beautiful set of images to tell your story.

For more Trevenna weddings, you can go here to see Sarah and Adam’s Trevenna wedding in May.

Enjoy. Much love to Gemma and Pete.


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