Chris & Lucy's Hayne Wedding Photography


Chris & Lucy’s Hayne Wedding Photography

Right from our first Skype call we were looking forward to working with Chris and Lucy. We all know Skype calls can be quite awkward, add into this the ‘countryside delay’ which means we talk over each other at inopportune times, then we have all the awkwardness – yet this awkwardness was absent. We were delighted when Lucy and Chris confirmed they’d like us to be there to document their wedding at Crediton Church and Hayne – a new venue and also new to us. We met up a couple of weeks ago with Chris and Lucy’s dogs and went for a little walk in the woods, we almost forgot to take photos as we got on so well – this is always a great sign!

I have to say, a shooting range at a wedding is a first for us, although it did add an interesting extra element and a very ‘Devon’ feel to the day! As Chris’ family business is a well known local gun shop, I guess it was a given, and everyone – including Mike – enjoyed it immensely!

I’ve always been a fan of Crediton church, it’s huge (used to be a cathedral) and the light is beautiful, which is an absolute joy as a wedding photographer! The ceremony was emotional and full of smiles. I love photographing those final moments before the ceremony starts, the emotion is palpable, and emotions were at a real high here – as you’ll see from the images, it was so beautiful to witness and document.

Our style is story-telling wedding photography, so rather than get all wordy – which lets face it isn’t my strong point – i’ll let the images do the talking. All that’s left to say is that we LOVED working with Lucy and Chris, the joy of the day, Lucy’s beautiful smile, the emotional ceremony and heartfelt speeches, and the beautiful relaxed venue – we had an amazing day. Also not to forget the EPIC confetti run! Good confetti skills, guys!

Enjoy Chris and Lucy’s Hayne Wedding Photography!

You made it to the end of the post! We hope you enjoyed Chris and Lucy’s Hayne Wedding Photography. Getting married at Hayne and looking for a photographer? Look no further and get in touch, we’d love to discuss your wedding at Hayne, or anywhere else in the world – heck, let’s go to Argentina!

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  • Louise says:

    Gorgeous images, I especially love your black and whites. You look to have really captured the spirit of the day!

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