2017 - Is it really over?


2017 – You came, we saw, you (almost) went

The time has come again! It seems only weeks ago we were looking ahead at this year wondering what might be, and now here we are getting all retrospective and picking out our highlights! It’s simultaneously one of my most favourite and most dreaded jobs of the year. Most favourite because when it’s finally finished and I’ve stressed and agonised over it, I feel immensely proud, excited and happy. Most dreaded – well, because I stress and agonise over it! Going through all the weddings we’ve shot this year takes a lot of time, I never start collating my favourites at the beginning of the year, maybe I should…. There is method to this seemingly disorganised madness though – I get very emotionally involved with our images, and sometimes I can’t ‘see’ them as clearly when they’re fresh as I can with time – and sometimes an image I may not have felt as much love for at the time of shooting/editing/delivery, I later look back and fall in love with, so I always start this somewhat arduous and self indulgent task right from the beginning. As always, I’ve missed out some dearly beloved images, but I started with almost 800, i’m pretty sure that would’ve been too many so we’re on 152 (give or take one).

This year seems to have passed by more quickly than previous years, in my head I’m still all excited about spring, yet here I am in my boots, scarf and hat (yes, indoors – our house is old and seemingly doesn’t retain any heat) ready for another long Winter. Not that I’m complaining of course, we wedding photographers are rather fond of winter, we use it as an opportunity to rest, creatively recharge, and spend the time with our friends and families we might have missed over summer. Plus, I kinda like my boots and cardigans, it’s like coming home when it’s time to get them out again (get them out?! Pah! Who am I kidding – it’s not like I don’t use it as an excuse to buy new ones every year).

I never really know what to write for these posts, I could try to be profound, but I’d fail miserably and probably sound pretentious – so let’s not go there.

I could go over each day and the highlights, but here’s hoping the images might do some of that for me.

I could talk about our growth as photographers, but maybe if you’re interested in that, look at last years retrospective (here) and decide for yourself!

I could talk about our personal lives, but I’m not going to do that either as if I’m honest we are pretty boring mid-thirties people who don’t get out much, like drinking tea, having family days out at the pier, playing Mario and Sonic with our crazy little boy Cato, having Sunday Nirvana sessions in our PJ’s and wearing cardigans – I’m fairly sure you’re not here to read about all that, although I can recommend some cracking places for a good breakfast and Devon cream tea – all you have to do is ask.

I could talk about the emotion, the joy and the deep love we have for our couples, but to be honest with you, I hope that’s obvious in the images right here, so instead of continuing with my ramble I’m going to leave it here and say just this:

2017 and all who married within you – you were wonderful – thanks for having us and being a part of the small corner of this bloody crazy world we live in.

Last year I dedicated this post to my Nana, who supported my photography from age 8 when she bought me my first camera, the ‘Flash Dude’ – she departed this life last November to make awesome cakes in another dimension. This year, Dad, this one’s for you. I hope you’re happier where you are now.

Come on 2018, let’s have you



2017 – You were good, you were good, then you were gone.

Jimmy Eat World – You Were Good.


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