2016 - A summary in pictures


Hello 2017!

It seems only a couple of months ago I was writing this post for our end of 2015 round up and here we are at the beginning of 2017 – what happened?! Well, lots happened, some good, some bad – in our job we’re grateful we are mostly around the good, the love and relationships we capture remind us whats important in life.

Every single year we feel flipping lucky to be in the company of happy people every week. We’re in the business of love, this never gets old, it never gets boring and now i’m into my fourth year working with my fabulous… wait for it… husband (see below!) we get stronger and more inspired every year, and we’re ridiculously excited to share this 2016 summary on our brand new website, we were lucky to have a seriously talented web designer and branding team (details at the bottom of the site, go check them out!) and we’re super happy with the results.

We’ve had a great year, we’ve met some beautiful people both inside and out, we’ve been lucky to have made some new friends and travelled the UK to work at some beautiful venues.

This is always the toughest post of the year, both the writing – what do I say, do I (try to) be witty? Profound? Humble? Do I list my/our favourite moments? Impossible! I’m not the worlds best writer so I generally just ramble from the heart so why break from tradition! Choosing the images is very difficult, I started with about 800 images and i’m not sure you’d want to sit through that, so I had to be brutal and cut out some of our favourite moments. We also didn’t have time on our side as we have a lot of editing to do after our busy December and a weighty knowledge that we’d promised the new website at the beginning of the year. It sits heavy on my shoulders that I may have missed some of our favourite images (genuinely, I get emotionally attached to every wedding we shoot!) but we shot over 30 weddings last year and thats a LOT of photos to look through (especially when you’re feeling guilty you should be editing).

At beginning of the year we became Mr and Mrs Poole and went away on the most wonderful honeymoon/road trip to Iceland, then we came straight back into one of our busiest wedding seasons ever – which seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. I don’t even remember getting my flip flops out! It was also a sad year for us with my dear Nana passing away just before her 95th birthday, she left the world in the same year as a whole load of icons so its good to know she’s in the best company (along with my fantastic Grandad). Many do not know this, but it was my Nana who inspired me to be a photographer, she never really knew it – but from a young age I remember her taking lots of photos (mostly of wedding cakes, as she used to make them professionally, but also of us – photos not cakes!) and always having the latest compact camera. This love of taking photos inspired me, and my Nana bought me my first camera aged 7 or 8 – it was typically 80’s with little neon zig zags all over, and named ‘Flash Dude’. Awesome. Many years and many cameras later when I started studying photography in college my Nana then bought me my first SLR – a Pentax MZ-50, which I guess was the gateway to my career as I shot my first wedding on it aged 18. After realising the cost of film and that I was about £150 worse off after this wedding, I soon moved on to digital. My first digital camera was a Canon 350D, i’m fairly sure my Nana helped me out with this too, so i’m dedicating this blog post to Mrs (Olga, but no-one ever dared call her that) Joan Millar, she loved that I was a wedding photographer and telling me stories of past brides she’d made cakes for – so Nana, this one’s for you.

Enjoy the photos. If you’re more of a scroller, less of a watcher, the images are below the slideshow.

Just here :)

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